About Me

I’m just your regular Jersey girl, completely out of place in Connecticut, trying to balance my love of fun with the necessities on a grad student stipend.

I started this website in November 2014 after planning my college room mate’s bachelorette party. Although my boyfriend would say I was nothing but a stress-ball the month or two before it happened, I nonetheless loved spending endless hours searching on Etsy and deciding on the best places to eat through Yelp. Deciding on T-shirts, invitations, and what to give as party favors was all a part of the puzzle, with everything coming together in the end for the grand celebration of Caitlyn’s Last Fling Before the Ring. Even after the wedding, new ideas kept popping into my brain and without any bachelorette parties in my foreseeable future, I needed an outlet for them. Inspired by a friend from college, I created my website as a place to share gift and party ideas in the hopes that someone with slightly more money than a grad student, can put a smile on the face of someone they love.

-Becky Lynn

Email Me: favorsandfestivities@gmail.com

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