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Down the Rabbit Hole

April 13, 2016
Princess Tea Party

Last Thursday, a spontaneous pizza dinner out turned into an even more spontaneous beer-tasting party at my apartment. I always had an affinity for beer, particularly stouts, but unfortunately the craft-beer scene in Storrs, CT is nothing compared to what it is in Philadelphia. Nonetheless, our location does put us in close proximity to Treehouse Brewing, a small artisan brewery responsible for Julius, and we’re relatively close to the distributors of Heady Topper and Sip of Sunshine. I had none of those…

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A Trip to the Post Office

April 18, 2015
Wedding Present without Card

Good afternoon! I know I mention the weather a lot, but when winter drags on for almost six months the advent of spring is worth remarking on. Today, for the first time, New England has hit the 70 degree mark!! I wish I could be enjoying it, but I’m stuck here at my lab bench getting ready to start a five-day protocol (#gradstudentlife). UConn grad students have actually been in the news quite a lot lately, first about our union, and then…

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“Students Today, Huskies Forever”

April 7, 2015
Gampel Pavilion Art

I know that I’ll never forget the one and only basketball game I attended this season – it was unforgettable; it was wonderful; it was the moment that I not only met, but was licked by Jonathan the Husky. I should be more distraught that we lost the game in the last few seconds, but honestly, meeting our mascot is one of those rare experiences that everyone wants to desperately check off their list before they graduate. Being in a…

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Socialite Style – Bar Carts

March 13, 2015

Studying. My brain should be working with me to memorize the different types of structural prediction software instead of daydreaming about Spring Break and St. Patrick’s Day. If I was still in Philly, the streets would be flooded with Guinness and tequila – and for those silly enough to mix, there would be a tinge of vomit too. I can’t stop thinking about life after this exam; this scary stressful exam given by my advisor and covering everything that I have basically…

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Husky Love

March 7, 2015

There’s all types of love in the world but there’s nothing better than puppy love. Especially when you’re kissed by the University of Connecticut’s mascot Jonathan the Husky. Only a little over a year old, the adorable black and white pup has captured our hearts while instilling fear in both snowmen and our enemies. As Jonathan the Husky is still fairly young, he’s slowly being acclimated to large crowds and can’t always be found at every sports event. It was almost a…

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Breakup Survival Kit

January 17, 2015
Olaf Blankets

 As if we needed another reason to hate Monday’s, according to TED speaker David McCandleless they‘re the m. He also mentions that someone is more likely to break up in the winter, compared to the spring or summer months. Duh! With cold weather trapping you indoors, constant close contact can really bring out the worse in people. If the constant fraying of your nerves caused you to call it quits this winter, there’s a couple of things you’ll need to help you get…

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Photographing the Family Estate

January 2, 2015
One of my favorite places in CT - Old Saybrook

My boyfriend’s mother is a huge fan of PBS, and it was while I was eating my New Year’s Day breakfast, that I watched a special on Highclere Castle with her. Highclere Castle is the backdrop for the popular British drama Downton Abbey. The PBS special, narrated by the current Earl and Countess of Carnarvon, discussed all the renovations and maintenance required to keep the castle in good shape. The Earl often stated that maintaining Highclere is a full-time job, but it helps…

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A Wedding Without A Registry

December 23, 2014
Alex's Bridesmaid Invitation

Later today I’m meeting up with an old high school friend at Panera. Of course, we could always go to the bar next door instead, but as we used to race to Panera for cinnamon crunch bagels and hazelnut cream cheese before band practice, it’s without question that we wouldn’t go anywhere else. Chad, the Panera employee that regularly served and flirted us, could count on us being there by 2:15 every Tuesday and Thursday, provided we didn’t get stuck…

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