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Holiday Pillow “s”

August 17, 2015
Color by Pillow

My grocery store has a candy corn display. Candy corn! Really? It’s mid-August, school hasn’t even started yet, and we’re already fast-forwarding to the end of October? I’m not looking forward to school starting again in two weeks, except that maybe having a more stressful schedule will lead me to blog on a more regular basis. Am I the only one that is most productive when they have to juggle a zillion different things? With the summer coming to a…

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Festivities Thanksgiving


November 24, 2014
Tina the Turkey - Possible on of the best homemade Thanksgiving decorations ever!

Food It’s not enough that we feast on turkey and pie only once a year. Two weeks ago I started craving the rich creaminess of pumpkin pie in a buttery crust and cozy mashed potatoes smothered in gravy. With Thanksgiving still two and a half weeks away, there was only one way for me to feast without family: Friends-giving! A factor of my generation, Friends-giving is a gathering of your best friends who come together to create a Thanksgiving meal,…

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