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August 17, 2015
Color by Pillow

My grocery store has a candy corn display. Candy corn! Really? It’s mid-August, school hasn’t even started yet, and we’re already fast-forwarding to the end of October? I’m not looking forward to school starting again in two weeks, except that maybe having a more stressful schedule will lead me to blog on a more regular basis. Am I the only one that is most productive when they have to juggle a zillion different things? With the summer coming to a close, my room-mate and I prepared for the school year my doing a clean sweep of our apartment today, where she purged her closet while I filtered through my half of the basement storage unit.

I have nine storage boxes, filled with:

  1. Flannel sheets, sweaters, and beach towels
  2. My little Weber grill + a bag of charcoal
  3. Gardening supplies
  4. Miscellaneous kitchen supplies
  5. Halloween, Easter, Fourth of July, and Birthday decorations
  6. (7, 8, & 9) Christmas decorations

More than half of what I keep in our storage unit are decorations. My Mom loves to buy me amazing pieces of cookware, but unfortunately, I leave all of it at home in NJ because C & I have just enough stuff in our apt, that if we had anymore it’d start to get cramped and overly cozy. I honestly don’t remember how I discovered this, but I’m in love with this burlap pillow that can be accessorized with a bunch of different holiday themed wraps. One, maybe two, pillows that I can use it for at least three different holidays?! I wouldn’t even have to buy another storage box!

Do you have any decorations that you re-use for different holidays? 

You never know what you have until you clean

 Burlap Pillow || Witch Hat Wrap || Bat Wrap || Gobble Wrap || Thankful Wrap || Merry Merry Wrap || Reindeer Wrap || Making Spirits Brights Wrap || Red Burlap Pillow

Cover Photo: 102808: Color By Pillow by owlpacino via Flickr

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