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Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day Sparkle + Fluff

January 12, 2015
Valentine's Day Outfit from Polyvore

After my first Valentine’s day, overdone with a sparkly pink basket filled with chocolates and an embarrassing balloon that I kept stuffed in my locker all day, I quickly lost the desire for cheesy gifts. Back then, it was fun to carry around a sparkly pink basket, a visible sign that someone liked me, but as the need for that kind of validation diminishes outside of high school, my yearning for blatant Valentine’s Day gifts also dwindled. Even though I’m against the cheesy gifts,…

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Valentine's Day

Godiva, Russell Stover, Hershey…Fuggedaboutit!

January 4, 2015
Cadbury Double Decker

I’m fully aware that Valentine’s is more than a month away, and most guys don’t start worrying about it till February 1st, but for anyone who wants to surprise their significant other with more than just a box of plastic-wrapped Russell Stover’s and gas-station roses, take note! Don’t get me wrong, flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day are a wonderful gift, but why not give your S.O. something that they’ll actually enjoy eating? I’m lucky enough to be friends with two…

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