Valentine's Day

Godiva, Russell Stover, Hershey…Fuggedaboutit!

January 4, 2015
Cadbury Double Decker

I’m fully aware that Valentine’s is more than a month away, and most guys don’t start worrying about it till February 1st, but for anyone who wants to surprise their significant other with more than just a box of plastic-wrapped Russell Stover’s and gas-station roses, take note! Don’t get me wrong, flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day are a wonderful gift, but why not give your S.O. something that they’ll actually enjoy eating?

I’m lucky enough to be friends with two wonderful people, both of whom grew up outside of the US. I love hearing about how different things are in their home countries of England and Germany, but I love it even more when they share their chocolate with me 🙂 Due to the higher milk fat content in European chocolate, it is often purported as better tasting compared to American chocolate. Both have brought me back Cadbury and Kinder Schokolade from their home countries, and the difference in texture and taste is just indescribable. There’s something about the silky bliss of Cadbury chocolates and the-never-before-have-I-experienced-anything-like-it taste of Kinder Schokolade, that has me looking into trans-Atlantic plane tickets. Luckily, in my search for the cheapest air fare, I found several online sites that sell imported English and German chocolate (saving my wallet from a huge financial hit). English Tea Store sells some of the more popular Cadbury chocolates (Double Decker, Heroes, Flakes), whereas on you can find all of your Kinder Schokolade needs. Also, for anyone allergic to chocolate, sells Haribo gummi’s, which I’ve heard are 10x better than the kind we buy at the grocery store.

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If in case you’d prefer candy made in the good ol’ USA, treat your S.O. to something they wouldn’t easily find in the supermarket. There’s a few websites out there that sell retro candy, such as Squirrel Nut Zippers (seriously?) or packs of Black Jack gum. CandyWarehouse sells pre-packaged candy gift boxes, arranged by decade, whereas allows you to pick your candy by flavor.

For those in the CT area, check out Sweet Emotions candy to pick up your Cadbury or Kinder Schokolade orders in person! (I recommend the Kinder Happy Hippos)

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

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