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Caitlyn’s Last Fling Before the Ring – Pt. 2

December 1, 2014
Personalized Bachelorette Veil

Everyone knows that bachelorette parties are a lot of fun, involving booze, primping, and a reason to party like you did as an undergrad. They’ve evolved from a crazy night at a bar, to a celebration of the bride’s friendships that can center around wine tasting’s, paint classes, or local food tours. Decorations help to provide a great backdrop for all of the memories that will be made (or forgotten) on the bride’s celebratory day.

If you’re having trouble deciding on an overall theme for the party, first decide what color you’d want all the decorations to be based off of. For me, it was fairly simple to decide on purple, as that was one of Caitlyn’s wedding colors so I knew she’d like it. As a note, a lot of bachelorette party supplies that are available in major chain stores are pink, which makes it really easy to find decorations. If like me, you’ve decided on a different color, Etsy is a wonderful source for custom-color decorations.

It was while I was browsing T-shirt designs that I settled on designing everything around Caitlyn’s “Last Fling Before the Ring”. If you’re not a fan, there’s a lot of other great theme ideas out there that can better be tied into the bride’s particular personality. For a beach loving bride you can use anchors and other nautical items for her “Setting Sail Before the Veil” bachelorette. If you’re headed to Vegas, set the scene in a room covered with cards, for “Lucky Me, the Bride-To-Be!”. Decorating the room in green glitter, Guinness, and shamrocks, ties in well with an Irish bride, who would be celebrating her “Lucky Me, the Bride-To-Be” bachelorette.




This took a while to make, but it was my favorite decoration



In line with Caitlyn’s Last Fling Before the Ring, I used this excellent tutorial to create a paper chain of diamond rings. The chains were made from a pad of scrapbook paper in various purple shades that were fastened together via a staple. Each diamond was cut from a glittery sheet of scrapbook paper, from which I’m still finding glitter specks in random places. As I ended up cutting out more diamonds than I needed, I sprinkled the extras on the table and placed some more in the favors. Each diamond was cut with a little tail, which I slid through a slit through on the paper ring, and then folded over and taped. As we hosted the party games in the hotel room, the chains were hung over the party table and on the headboards. The little bit extra I had left, I sent home with the bride as a keepsake.

To curb our temptation of tapping into the minibar, I stocked our party table with snacks and Caitlyn’s favorite alcohol, which amazingly came in a purple bottle (I wonder if that’s why she likes it so much). There was also a carafe of coffee waiting for us under the balloons, which warmed us up after our rainy day food tour and gave us a jolt of energy before we continued the night’s festivities. Caitlyn’s ‘Future Mrs.’ veil was arranged over a chair, and was one of the first thing’s she saw when she entered the room (it was also her top request).

It would not have been possible for me to achieve all of this without the wonderful Whatever/Whenever staff at the W Hoboken, who kindly set up all of the decorations for us at no additional charge while we enjoyed our food tour. Thank you again!!

Be sure to check out Pt.’s 13, and 4 for details about the itinerary, games, and party favors!

Bachelorette Party T-Shirts -//- Diamond Paper Chain -//- Purple Scrapbook Paper -//- Glitter Scrapbook Paper -//- Bachelorette Party Balloons -//- Future Mrs. Veil/Sash -//- W Hoboken Hotel

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