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August 18, 2015
Shell Me About It

What did you think of the Lilly Pulitzer After-Party sale? This year was the first time that Lilly utilized Queue-It, a software program that restricted the number of people who were put through to the site based on the time that they first attempted to access it. By the time my browser refreshed itself at 7:59 am on Monday morning, I was ~3100th in line with a wait time of little over an hour. I really was going to give up, not wanting to wait in bed until 9 am, but I was hopefully optimistic that 3000 people would suddenly change their mind and decide that they’d rather buy full-priced Vineyard Vines tees. If you buy an oversized pastel tee and add a belt, that’s the same as a shift dress right? I started searching for Lilly Pulitzer Signature Stores that were featuring the sale on their website, hoping to find the Marlowe dress in Red Right Return. No luck :/ Then, at 8:12 am, my computer gave a little ding letting me know that I was at the front of the line and would I want to continue on to the Lilly Pulitzer website? Yes! Everything went really smoothly, and even though Lilly didn’t have the Marlowe dress listed, I did snag the Gabby dress in Shell Me About It. Once I checked out, I was told I was 60,000-th in line with an approximate wait time of two hours. Time to get ready for grad school!

A few hours later I started experiencing buyers remorse. Both the Gabby dress and the Marlowe dress were my top Lilly picks for the summer but I never made the leap because 1) I’m on a grad student budget and 2) wearing Lilly is a definite style statement, and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to make that statement. In college, I primarily wore Ralph Lauren button-downs or BCBG. With the closing of the BCBG outlet nearest to me, I’ve honestly had trouble finding stores that I feel express my personality but I also won’t find on every girl walking across the UConn campus. For a while I tried Madewell, and then a few pieces from J. Crew, but some days I look at my closet and wonder, how many of these clothes do I feel like express me, and how many of them do I love just because I saw them styled well on Pinterest or Tumblr? With Nordstrom being a little less than an hour away, I do most of my shopping online, which sometimes has its benefits because you can more often find sale items in your size (#freeshipping). I’m missing out on going to a mall, which means that I could be losing out on trying out that cute blouse which I’d probably scroll past online, but in person it looks completely different and amazing on me.

Needless to say, I have two Lilly dresses arriving at my doorstep over the next few days. In what must’ve been a fluke, I saw that Nordstrom had the Red Right Return Marlowe dress listed online in my size! I bought it right away, but unfortunately since Lilly didn’t feature it with a discounted price, Nordstrom couldn’t give me any sort of price adjustment, even though everything else in that pattern was on sale. Oh well. And if it turns out that Lilly really isn’t my style, I took a chance and there’s always Ebay.

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What did you buy from the Lilly Pulitzer After-Party Sale?

when a woman says she has nothing to wear, what she really means is ‘there’s nothing here for who I’m supposed to be today.’

Gabby Shift Dress (Shell Me About It) || Marlowe Dress (Red Right Return)

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