Wednesday Wish List – Mar y Sol Tote

May 20, 2015
Mar Y Sol Woven Tote

There’s very few people who I know that aren’t addicted to Pinterest. My room-mate doesn’t even have an account, and up until recently, neither did my Mom. Rarely a day goes by that I don’t scroll through my home page, either liking or saving things that I’ll want to look at in the future. It’s on the days that I freak out about the cost of being in A’s wedding and how I’ll manage to pay for food & rent, that I actively avoid Pinterest at all costs. Pinterest allows me to window shop without having to take a trip to the mall, but looking at totes from Nordstrom or jeans from Madewell does not do much to help me when I’m stressed. As you can guess, it only makes me feel worse about being in school while all my other mid-20 year old friends are working. Still, Nordstrom featured this Mar y Sol woven tote a little over a week ago and I’m currently debating if living off of nothing but milk and Cheerio’s for a week would be worth it. Look at the pom-poms! They remind me so much of the Pologeorgis Mink Fur Balls that I saw on Atlantic-Pacific a month ago (here too).

Right now I’m living on salad to be bikini ready for A’s bachelorette next week, so a budget-induced-starvation diet of Cheerio’s really wouldn’t be that different. And worth it, don’t you think?

Salad for Bikini Body Diet

My advisor returns from vacation today so it’ll be quasi-stressful day proving to him that I didn’t totally slack off the past week (jk!). Even so, I think I’m in good favor as I sent him off a bunch of emails asking him to read things that I finally had the clarity of mind to write since classes & teaching ended. Hopefully, you’ll have an excellent rest of the day and work week, especially now that it’s halfway over. And to the all the UConn Audiologists, good luck on your comprehensive exams today and tomorrow!

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What’s on your Wednesday Wish List? 

“A woman can keep one secret – the price of her handbag”

Mar y Sol Collins Woven Tote -//- Atlantic-Pacific Candy Color -//- Atlantic-Pacific Great Lengths

PS – Check out how Katie of Katie’s Bliss styled her Mar y Sol Tote. Can I have her closet please?

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