Fashion Saturday Somethings

Saturday Somethings

April 9, 2016

Forgetting about that #basic green Siren, here’s the best way to Instagram your morning pick me up.

Too bad I’m actually allergic to chocolate, or else this would be my ideal career after becoming a scientist or party planner.

Who doesn’t love a husband and wife pair that can laugh at each other?

Gucci Marmont Brown Leather Handbag

I almost swooned when I saw this handbag on my boss’s desk. #investmentpiece

My brother’s dog can barely find the treats we hide in the bed for him, he’d be terrible at this.

Have you ever noticed how many different pairs of pajamas Mindy wears in The Mindy Project? I’m in love with this bathrobe from BedHead.

Cover Photo: Espresso by Brian via Flickr

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