Wednesday Wish List – Chloé Marcie Mini Shoulder Bag

June 10, 2015
Chloe Marcie Mini

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this enough, but I’m a huge fan of Madewell. Ever since I did my Wednesday Wish List post about their slim boyjeans, I’ve stalked the interwebs almost daily waiting for them to go on sale. It shocked me to see that Net-A-Porter carries Madewell, as I didn’t think they sold anything for less than $500. I was further shocked to see that even though the jeans were full price at both Madewell and Nordstrom, Net-A-Porter was selling them at 30% off (now on sale for 50% off, don’t miss out!). Since getting them sometime in the past week, I’ve already worn them three out of the past five days, and they have only gotten more comfortable with wear. True to the Madewell promise, even though they’re boyjeans, these jeans have remained loyal to my rear view.

Madewell Silk Camisole

At the time I bought my new slim boy jeans, I seriously debated making a whole outfit out of the purchase and adding Madewell’s black silk camisole to my cart.  I decided against it because I realized that it wasn’t the camisole I wanted, but everything the model was wearing. Her outfit brings to mind a group of friends meeting at a rooftop bar or sips of iced coffee while window shopping. It would be almost impossible for me to choose between the Isabel Marant sandals and the Chloé shoulder bag, but with my birthday coming up, I suppose I’d prefer the Chloé shoulder bag. Compared to my KSNY Cedar Street Monday, I love the larger size and embroidery detail of the Chloé bag.

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What’s on your Wednesday Wish List? 

Nothing haunts us like the handbag we didn’t buy

Madewell Slim Boyjeans in Akiva (50% off!); Full price here & here | Madewell Silk CamisoleChloé the Marcie Mini | Marni Resin Bracelets |  Isabel Marant Étoile Alexia SandalsJ. Brand 811 Skinny Jeans | Étoile Isabel Marant Uma Embroidered Belt 

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