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Socialite Style – Bar Carts

March 13, 2015

Studying. My brain should be working with me to memorize the different types of structural prediction software instead of daydreaming about Spring Break and St. Patrick’s Day. If I was still in Philly, the streets would be flooded with Guinness and tequila – and for those silly enough to mix, there would be a tinge of vomit too. I can’t stop thinking about life after this exam; this scary stressful exam given by my advisor and covering everything that I have basically spent the last six months researching. So in principle, I understand everything that I’ll be tested on tomorrow but I’ve always been terrible at memorizing the finer details.

In contrast to those that will spend next week clamoring around sticky bars, I’ll have unfettered access to the white wine and Guinness in my fridge. Taking inspiration from The Glitter Guide, it could only be better if it was presented to me on a shimmer-y bar cart. They’re a somewhat costly investment, but even if you don’t have one, there’s a lot of adorable accessories you can stock your cabinets with or give to your favorite hostess


I have a new obsession – Society Social. I found most of the bar carts that I’ve pictured on their website and after looking at all of the brightly colored furniture that they advertise, I’m tempted to buy everything.

Even though they’re making a modern-day comeback, bar carts are still inherently vintage to me, and the jury’s still out if I’d want one in my living room. Maybe it’s just the thought of trying to find a place for it in my 750 sq ft apt, but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing one anytime soon. Accessories for my non-existent bar cart – those I will definitely buy. One of my favorites is a set of personalized wine tags, which I would personalize with uplifting words  (cheer, laugh, smile) instead of names.

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What’s your favorite cocktail?

 Bottoms Up!

The Glitter Guide -//- Kate Spade Wine Tags -//- PB Gold Chevron Tray -//- The Mrs. Lilien -//- The Sedgewick -//- Bring Out the Bubbly Napkins -//- Birthday Wishes Napkins -//- Kate Spade Hiball Glasses -//- Threshold Bar Cart -//- The Hayworth -//- Paper Straws -//- Kate Spade Coasters -//- Anthro Champagne Bubbles -//- Kate Spade Ice Bucket -//- Personalized Wine Tags -//- The Worth Rattan


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