Drinking ‘Decorations’

December 6, 2014
Uncommon Goods Musical Wine Glasses

In the spirit of my trip to NYC tomorrow (when I’ll finally get to wear my new outfit!), I felt the need to post about some unique accessories that your favorite vino would love. I would post about Cronuts, but then the only thing I’d be writing about is how one should offer it with a glass of milk and another Cronut (and another and another and another!)

I know they’re terrible for the environment, but sometimes, catalogs are the best way to shop. There’s not an overwhelming amount of items to look at and everything is presented on a gorgeous backdrop. Also, an unexpected catalog can introduce you to a whole new store, just like I was introduced to UncommonGoods when I first saw the catalog at my parents house.












There was so many things I wanted to buy, but in particular I’d buy their wine pearls and major scale musical wine glasses for my Dad. He’s currently in the process of teaching me all about the different types of wine; I love German rieslings! The wine pearls are similar to whiskey rocks; they’ll keep your wine cold without watering it down. Then as you get a bit tipsy, and your glass gets a bit emptier, you can start a musical chorus! UncommonGoods musical wine glasses are labeled with lines that will guide you to create different tones as your rub your finger on the rim of the glass.


If you’re too busy to be able to sit and enjoy the wine, there’s also Vino2Go, the adult version of the sippy cup. I myself own one, bought in SC on a girl’s day trip to Charleston (it’s pink!).


the-first-noel-wine-glass-by-lolita-3 shop-a-snowflake-wine-glass-by-lolita-4 holiday-bouquet-3-wine-glass-by-lolita-4






For a personalized touch, invest in a painted wine glass from Lolita. They come in all sorts of designs like cities, zodiac signs, or events. As a bonus, they have a cocktail recipe on the bottom.

Drink up!

Wine Pearls -//- Musical Wine Glasses -//- Vino2Go -//- Lolita Wine Glasses

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