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Wednesday Wish List – Burberry Watch

July 15, 2015
Burberry Classic Round 26mm

It seems only fitting that I should be writing about a watch, considering all the time I’ve let pass by while neglecting F&F.

Just in case you were super curious, here’s a quick re-cap of everything that’s been keeping me busy the past month:

  • A’s San Juan bachelorette has come and gone, leaving me with three important things:
    • Make sure to pack layers when traveling to warm places, because a cute sun dress does little to keep you warm when the restaurant has their AC set to frigid temps
    • The trick to a proper mojito is to use caster sugar, not simple syrup
    • And sometimes, saving a lot of money by traveling via a layover, doesn’t make up for the additional thirty hours I spent in an airport waiting to catch another flight after my first was severely delayed (insuring I’d miss my second)
  • #RedysFamilyFourth – I’m not sure if I told you, but Fourth of July is a bigger deal than Christmas in my family. Every year, everyone comes together at my Uncle’s lake house in Chapin, SC, for a week of fireworks, family, and classic Southern charm. This year, my Mom drafted everyone into Family Fun Day, which meant one hour of filling up water balloons for a five-minute water balloon fight. All in all, it was completely worth it! My Mom & I also skipped out on skeet shooting for shopping + Starbucks, something we don’t often get to do since I’ve been in grad school. Although we bought more stuff than I could actually bring back on the plane with me, my favorite purchase was this Cynthia Steffe dress at 75% off!
  • MY BIRTHDAY: It’s official, I am another year older! My birthday is great for so many reasons:
    • One – I was born
    • Two – It always falls on free slurpee day (blue beats red, always)
    • Three – At least half of the Harry Potter movies were released around my birthday, meaning I always had an excuse to convince my Mom to take me to the midnight premiere
    • Four – This year I celebrated it with my favorite girl friends, watching fireworks before kicking butt (aka totally sucking) at Skeeball. In the end, we all fell asleep halfway through the movie in classic sleepover fashion.

Flashing forward to the future, Nordstrom’s anniversary sale begins this Friday! I know it’s best to buy fall fashion when it’s on sale, but right now I can’t even think about boots or sweaters when I’m still feeling like summer hasn’t come to CT. Thankfully, watches aren’t restricted to any particular season, making the Burberry check stamped leather watch my top pick for the sale. I’m not too thrilled that Nordstrom only offers the watch with a 32mm face, especially when I can find it on the Burberry website with a 26mm face (which I’d much rather have). Still, who are we kidding  – I can’t afford this watch full price or on sale.

Burberry Classic Round 26mm

What’s your watch preference – digital or analog? 

“The only reason for time, is so that everything doesn’t happen at once”


Bacardí MojitoCynthia Steffe Addison Dress | Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview | Burberry Classic Round Check Leather Watch 

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