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Borrowing from Luke Danes’ Closet

August 26, 2015
J. Crew Summerweight Utility Jacket

Do you remember the movie Pleasantville? Toby McGuire and Reese Witherspoon get thrown into a black and white TV show, only to throw everything topsy-turvy and cause people to start appearing in Technicolor. Their totally crazy adventure was the result of an odd encounter with a TV repair man, who is sadly not listed in the YellowPages or Angie’s List. To top off Comcast’s reputation for having the worst customer service, never once has a Comcast technician left behind a broken remote…

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Wednesday Wish List – Distressed Jeans

July 29, 2015

So last week, I ordered these Madewell jeans, hoping I’d love the ripped knees, selvedge denim, or at least the $40 price tag (originally priced $275 , #steal). I go through love-hate relationship with jeans – there’ll be a period of two months where I’ll buy 6 different pairs and then two years will go by before I restart the process all over again. I’ve always struggled with finding a brand of jeans that checked off everything I wanted in my jeans:…

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Fashion Lifestyle

Wednesday Wish List – Burberry Watch

July 15, 2015
Burberry Classic Round 26mm

It seems only fitting that I should be writing about a watch, considering all the time I’ve let pass by while neglecting F&F. Just in case you were super curious, here’s a quick re-cap of everything that’s been keeping me busy the past month: A’s San Juan bachelorette has come and gone, leaving me with three important things: Make sure to pack layers when traveling to warm places, because a cute sun dress does little to keep you warm when…

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Wednesday Wish List – Mar y Sol Tote

May 20, 2015
Mar Y Sol Woven Tote

There’s very few people who I know that aren’t addicted to Pinterest. My room-mate doesn’t even have an account, and up until recently, neither did my Mom. Rarely a day goes by that I don’t scroll through my home page, either liking or saving things that I’ll want to look at in the future. It’s on the days that I freak out about the cost of being in A’s wedding and how I’ll manage to pay for food & rent,…

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Festivities Fun in the Sun

Americana – Memorial Day Weekend

May 18, 2015
American Flag

If it weren’t for the blizzard of pollen falling outside my window, it’d be the perfect spring day. Rarely do I ever suffer from allergies, but I’m not sure if Chloe would appreciate a fine coating of yellow dust all over her (Chloe is my MacBook – my friend Gary got me in the habit of naming my technology back in undergrad). There is a benefit to being forced to sit inside – I won’t be distracted by all of the…

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Money to Burn

May 1, 2015
Jo Malone Candles

My Dad loves burning candles – there’s always been a Yankee Candle burning on our butcher block from the moment I get home to when I go to sleep. They were always food scented, a preference which he has passed on to me (excepting pine, it’s my favorite winter scent). Even now I’m burning a maple pancake scented candle. A little over a month ago I went into Bath and Body Works for a Scentportable refill and I walked out with three…

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Bachelorette Parties Weddings

A Barbie Bachelorette – Pt. 2

February 4, 2015
Vera Wang the Traditionalist

So, I must apologize for the significant gap between posts. The life of a graduate student is always unpredictable and unfortunately last week I was sick with flu-like symptoms. I guess I should be grateful that classes were canceled because of Storm Juno and I didn’t miss anything, but I was too miserable to even enjoy bingeing on Netflix. Thankfully, not too long after my boyfriend’s and mine two year anniversary, I started feeling better and now I am fully prepared for…

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Favors For Girls Valentine's Day

Breakup Survival Kit

January 17, 2015
Olaf Blankets

 As if we needed another reason to hate Monday’s, according to TED speaker David McCandleless they‘re the m. He also mentions that someone is more likely to break up in the winter, compared to the spring or summer months. Duh! With cold weather trapping you indoors, constant close contact can really bring out the worse in people. If the constant fraying of your nerves caused you to call it quits this winter, there’s a couple of things you’ll need to help you get…

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Favors For Guys

A Batch of Brewskis

December 16, 2014
Wooden Personalized Beer Carrier

Come Christmas, Father’s Day, or birthdays, I find that the hardest people to shop for are the men in my life. It always seems like guys already have everything they want (with the exception of an even bigger and better TV), or are just more comfortable living without it. Honestly, unlike girls who typically want things, the best gifts for guys are burgers and beer. As a six pack of beer is somewhat difficult to wrap, and the clanking of…

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Fashion Weddings

He Put a Ring on Her!!

December 3, 2014
Caitlyn and Ben's Wedding Outfit

Caitlyn & Ben’s Wedding Outfit by favorsandfestivities Officially three weeks after Caitlyn’s Last Fling Before the Ring, Ben put a ring on her!! They were married on a rainy fall day in the BEAUTIFUL Princeton University chapel before an unforgettable reception at Prospect House. The day was perfect in every way, starting with rain and ending with a sunny afternoon to allow for pictures under the fall foliage. As I already knew what Caitlyn’s dress looked like, the only other outfit I…

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A 30th Birthday Outfit

November 24, 2014
New York City Night Out

In less than two weeks time, my favorite Brit will be turning 30!! To celebrate, my brother is planning an amazing birthday celebration in NYC, involving a show at Caroline’s comedy club, dinner at Carmine’s, and ending with a viewing of the tree. Personally I wonder if something amazing might happen, but given my terrible secret-keeping ability I’d probably be the last to know.   A 30th Birthday Outfit by favorsandfestivities   Every great event/occasion warrants a new outfit, or at least some wishful…

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