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Americana – Memorial Day Weekend

May 18, 2015
American Flag

If it weren’t for the blizzard of pollen falling outside my window, it’d be the perfect spring day. Rarely do I ever suffer from allergies, but I’m not sure if Chloe would appreciate a fine coating of yellow dust all over her (Chloe is my MacBook – my friend Gary got me in the habit of naming my technology back in undergrad). There is a benefit to being forced to sit inside – I won’t be distracted by all of the U-Haul trucks entering/exiting my apartment complex. By the end of this week the dumpsters will be filled with unwanted furniture that people will slowly come by and pilfer before the trash is collected. Last summer, my room-mate C and I had a very entertaining dinner on our patio watching the skeeziest people dive into the dumpster and throw their treasures into the back of a pick-up truck. I guess they found some good loot because they returned a few minutes later with a second truck. Only once was I ever tempted to dumpster dive, and it was for a small antique styled table that was resting on the sidewalk in Philly, but by the time we returned with the car someone had already snatched it. So it’s self-assembled furniture for me until I get a large enough paycheck where more than $200 for a dresser won’t give me a conniption.

Today, the only thing on my to-do list (at least apartment wise, there’s so many lab things I can be doing) is to clean the charcoal dust off my grill so it’s ready for Memorial Day weekend. J and I are planning on spending next weekend at his parents beach cottage, as a kind of final farewell weekend before he leaves for Texas. On Monday when we return home, I’m planning on having a goodbye party for him and all of our friends. I’m still torn between hosting a BBQ at my place or having everyone gather at our favorite restaurant for mojitos and wild boar tacos (seriously, they are one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten!). Either way, I couldn’t resist getting caught up in all of the things I’d love to have for my Memorial Day Bash!

I wasn’t able to feature everything I’d buy here, but check out my Americana board on Pinterest! You might just want a set of these crab salad plates for yourself. 

What are your Memorial Day Weekend plans? 

Cheers to life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness

Stars & Stripes TOMS -//- Vineyard Vines Baseball Cap -//- Stripe & Polka Dot Tank -//- Pottery Barn Star Salad Plates -//- Americana Napkins -//- Pottery Barn Americana Party Set -//- Pottery Barn Burlap Stars -//- Pledge of Allegiance Chalkboard -//- Monogrammed Table Runner -//- Stars & Stripes Pillow -//- Wood Curl Wreath -//- Star Serving Platter -//- Americana Pinterest Board -//- Crab Salad Plates

American Flag Feature Photo: Sharon & Nikki McCutcheon

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