Goodbye, Goodbye

May 11, 2015

It’s official. Finals are over, my grades are submitted, and all the undergrads have left campus, meaning that there will no longer be a half hour wait for any of the cardio equipment at the gym. UConn is in desperate need of a larger facility, and even though they plan on opening one in Fall 2016, I have yet to see any construction equipment even placed near the future site. So for now, I pay $10 a month for a gym that I use primarily during the school year, and I relish summer and winter breaks when grad students basically have the whole facility to themselves.

Now that my research-fueled summer has started, I do plan on writing more. I’ve spent the past two weeks researching ideas for a beach bachelorette and my fabulous 26th birthday sleepover, so it’ll be nice to have the time to share with you guys everything that I’ve been planning.

This May has already been filled with so many goodbyes and I know that I face some even harder ones in the near future. On Friday, I joined my boyfriend J for a farewell party before him and his other third year classmates scatter across America as a part of their fourth year externship. His program is 95% women and from the very onset they were always so nice and inclusive, even if I only saw them every few months. J will be traveling to Texas at the start of June, and although we have at least three weeks left together, I can’t help but be sad about how few opportunities I have left to hug him. I met J only two months after I started at UConn, and when he leaves, there will be a space on this campus that even Jonathan the Husky or Dairy Bar won’t be able to fill.

Along with J moving to Texas, my fellow lab mate will be returning to her home country of Germany this fall to pursue her PhD. Her husband threw her a fantastic surprise graduation party Saturday night (and I didn’t ruin the secret!), with his only goal being that he wanted her to cry as much as possible. The whole night sparkled (literally, C’s husband provided us with glittery noise makers), and was so perfect and filled with great food and friends, that I felt a little sad leaving the restaurant at the end of the night. Congrats again C, Master of Science!


I set my patio up for summer this past Sunday, adding an herb garden and Dragonfly twinkle lights. I even had a special guest come by to check it out!


How lucky I am to have something, that makes saying goodbye so hard – Winnie the Pooh

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Upstream Shift Dress -//- Lilly Pulitzer for Target My Fans Shift Dress -//- Threshold Dragonfly Lights

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