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Wednesday Wish List – Up, Up, & Away!

August 19, 2015
Wedding Balloons

I LOVE BALLOONS! Every birthday I want nothing more than to have someone fill my living room with balloons, but usually people will only bring me one or two. My room mate is fully aware that I use her birthday as an excuse to buy lots and lots of balloons – last year I bought her a giant Olaf shaped one and delivered it to her in lab. Kate Spade has these fantastic oversized Mr. & Mrs. balloons that I…

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Holiday Pillow “s”

August 17, 2015
Color by Pillow

My grocery store has a candy corn display. Candy corn! Really? It’s mid-August, school hasn’t even started yet, and we’re already fast-forwarding to the end of October? I’m not looking forward to school starting again in two weeks, except that maybe having a more stressful schedule will lead me to blog on a more regular basis. Am I the only one that is most productive when they have to juggle a zillion different things? With the summer coming to a…

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Money to Burn

May 1, 2015
Jo Malone Candles

My Dad loves burning candles – there’s always been a Yankee Candle burning on our butcher block from the moment I get home to when I go to sleep. They were always food scented, a preference which he has passed on to me (excepting pine, it’s my favorite winter scent). Even now I’m burning a maple pancake scented candle. A little over a month ago I went into Bath and Body Works for a Scentportable refill and I walked out with three…

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Barbie Bachelorette

April 30, 2015

Want to plan the most amazing Barbie-themed Bachelorette for your favorite bride? Check out these posts for details about invitations, favors, decorations, and a real-life Barbie Dreamhouse in Las Vegas! Invitations -//- Favors -//- Decorations -//- T-Shirts –//- Las Vegas Barbie Dreamhouse…

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A Trip to the Post Office

April 18, 2015
Wedding Present without Card

Good afternoon! I know I mention the weather a lot, but when winter drags on for almost six months the advent of spring is worth remarking on. Today, for the first time, New England has hit the 70 degree mark!! I wish I could be enjoying it, but I’m stuck here at my lab bench getting ready to start a five-day protocol (#gradstudentlife). UConn grad students have actually been in the news quite a lot lately, first about our union, and then…

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“Students Today, Huskies Forever”

April 7, 2015
Gampel Pavilion Art

I know that I’ll never forget the one and only basketball game I attended this season – it was unforgettable; it was wonderful; it was the moment that I not only met, but was licked by Jonathan the Husky. I should be more distraught that we lost the game in the last few seconds, but honestly, meeting our mascot is one of those rare experiences that everyone wants to desperately check off their list before they graduate. Being in a…

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A Barbie Bachelorette – Pt. 3

March 9, 2015
Target Barbie Tshirt

For the first time in what’s felt like months, the sun shone, no snow fell, and I was happy to brave a slight chill just to wear a cute dress. I did everything from trying out a new coffee shop, dropping off clothes at the consignment shop, and then treating myself to some new Bobbi Brown makeup and Essie nail polish. Best part, I had absolutely no shopper’s remorse after my Spring-y adventure. Fast forward a day – overjoyed at myself at…

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Husky Love

March 7, 2015

There’s all types of love in the world but there’s nothing better than puppy love. Especially when you’re kissed by the University of Connecticut’s mascot Jonathan the Husky. Only a little over a year old, the adorable black and white pup has captured our hearts while instilling fear in both snowmen and our enemies. As Jonathan the Husky is still fairly young, he’s slowly being acclimated to large crowds and can’t always be found at every sports event. It was almost a…

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VoxBox – Pantene

February 26, 2015
photo 1

So I know shampoo doesn’t relate at all to the theme of my website, but how can I say no to trying out new hair products? I will admit that I had some trepidation about trying Pantene products after my previous experience with Pantene’s Sheer Volume conditioner. Although it was an excellent conditioner in that it didn’t weigh my hair down, it wasn’t very good at restoring moisture to my hair. Review Everybody does it. You’ll spend an hour in the shampoo…

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A Barbie Bachelorette – Pt. 2

February 4, 2015
Vera Wang the Traditionalist

So, I must apologize for the significant gap between posts. The life of a graduate student is always unpredictable and unfortunately last week I was sick with flu-like symptoms. I guess I should be grateful that classes were canceled because of Storm Juno and I didn’t miss anything, but I was too miserable to even enjoy bingeing on Netflix. Thankfully, not too long after my boyfriend’s and mine two year anniversary, I started feeling better and now I am fully prepared for…

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Favors For Girls Valentine's Day

Breakup Survival Kit

January 17, 2015
Olaf Blankets

 As if we needed another reason to hate Monday’s, according to TED speaker David McCandleless they‘re the m. He also mentions that someone is more likely to break up in the winter, compared to the spring or summer months. Duh! With cold weather trapping you indoors, constant close contact can really bring out the worse in people. If the constant fraying of your nerves caused you to call it quits this winter, there’s a couple of things you’ll need to help you get…

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