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Photographing the Family Estate

January 2, 2015
One of my favorite places in CT - Old Saybrook

My boyfriend’s mother is a huge fan of PBS, and it was while I was eating my New Year’s Day breakfast, that I watched a special on Highclere Castle with her. Highclere Castle is the backdrop for the popular British drama Downton Abbey. The PBS special, narrated by the current Earl and Countess of Carnarvon, discussed all the renovations and maintenance required to keep the castle in good shape. The Earl often stated that maintaining Highclere is a full-time job, but it helps to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy the beauty of the family estate. Unfortunately, one of my friends may be facing the lost of his family’s beach house, originally constructed by his great-grandfather. Due to re-structured FEMA regulations, it’s more economical to bulldoze the house and replace it with a trailer.

One of my favorite places in CT - Old Saybrook

One of my favorite places in CT – Old Saybrook (Photo Credit: Flickr Sleepy~Steve)

I know that the loss of the house will be a huge blow to the family, so in order to preserve all the memories that were made there, I suggested that my friend hire a professional photographer to take photos of the house. Professional photographs are a great gift idea for anyone moving out of their vacation home, or if your childhood home is being sold. Having the photographer take photos of the family in the home is a great idea, but alternatively, one can always photograph the house without any people. If the cost of moving prevents hiring a professional photographer, an alternative option is to create a compilation of different generations having fun at the house. This option works best for my friend, who is going to look for photos of his Mom playing in the house as a little girl, and then frame them alongside his own childhood photos. Michael’s does custom framing and can help you present all of your pictures in a beautiful way!

Say Cheese!!

Michael’s Custom Framing

IMAGES: Chalker Beach, Old Saybrook: www.flickr.com


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