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A Batch of Brewskis

December 16, 2014
Wooden Personalized Beer Carrier

Come Christmas, Father’s Day, or birthdays, I find that the hardest people to shop for are the men in my life. It always seems like guys already have everything they want (with the exception of an even bigger and better TV), or are just more comfortable living without it. Honestly, unlike girls who typically want things, the best gifts for guys are burgers and beer. As a six pack of beer is somewhat difficult to wrap, and the clanking of bottles would easily give it away, I found of bunch of different options perfect for groomsmen gifts, a thank you present for the Superbowl host, or for any other occasion like Christmas and birthdays.

For the craft beer drinker in your life, make sure he’s enjoying his beer the right way. About proper glassware, BeerAdvocate says:

As soon as the beer hits the glass, its color, aroma and taste is altered, your eye candy receptors tune in, and your anticipation is tweaked. Hidden nuances, become more pronounced, colors shimmer, and the enjoyment of the beer simply becomes a better, more complete, experience.

Target offers two different sets of craft beer glasses, each containing a pilsner glass, pint glass, and a stout glass. They differ in that one also contains an IPA glass, whereas the other contains multiples of the different glasses, perfect for your man’s next sports party.

If you want to make the gift extra special, provide a beer that goes with each type of glass. BeerAdvocate is a great reference to help you match the right beer with the right glass, and is also useful for providing reviews on all of the different beers.

For the man that prefers High Life or Sam Adams, serve him his beer in a personalized wood carrier. These would also make great groomsmen gifts, laser engraved with Best Man or Groomsman.


As a cheaper alternative, outfit his bachelor pad with a personalized wall mounted beer opener. Some even come with cap catchers so that the caps would collect in a pouch instead of on the counters or the floor.


For even more guy gift ideas, check out my Pinterest!

Time to toss me a cold one!

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