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A Wedding Without A Registry

December 23, 2014
Alex's Bridesmaid Invitation

Later today I’m meeting up with an old high school friend at Panera. Of course, we could always go to the bar next door instead, but as we used to race to Panera for cinnamon crunch bagels and hazelnut cream cheese before band practice, it’s without question that we wouldn’t go anywhere else. Chad, the Panera employee that regularly served and flirted us, could count on us being there by 2:15 every Tuesday and Thursday, provided we didn’t get stuck behind the school buses leaving the parking lot.  Since high school, we’ve upgraded to dining at Tavern on the Green, but we still like to return to Panera for old time’s sake. I can pretty much bet that this reunion will be spent discussing her wedding, for which she asked me to be a bridesmaid!

As A and her fiancée already live together, they’ve asked that instead of wedding gifts, guests contribute to their honeymoon in Italy. An obvious gift is money, but as I would prefer to give them something that’s a bit more meaningful, I had to think of an item that they would be able to use while traveling. My ideas ranged from a reinforced backpack that would discourage Italian pickpockets, to a monogrammed set of Louis Vuitton luggage (way out of my price range). It was while I was verifying that I had everything I needed to get my license renewed, inspiration struck!

NOTE: A, if you continue to read this post, you will spoil your wedding present for yourself, so stop reading!

One of the six points of identification required to get your license renewed in NJ is a passport, something I knew that A and her fiancée would both require to travel the beautiful Italian countryside. While browsing the Kate Spade website, I saw that Kate Spade offers a Wedding Belle Passport Cover that is available in A’s favorite color (and not surprisingly, the color of our bridesmaid heels). Adorably, “Happily Ever After” is printed on the front, along with the KSNY signature Spade icon. Although A would love a hot pink KSNY passport case, I’m sure her fiancée would not. For him, I’ve settled on a solid leather monogrammed passport case, of which I’m still deciding between two options. One option, from Neiman Marcus, is handcrafted from beautiful Italian leather, whereas the other is from Coach and is simpler in it’s design. They do differ significantly in price, but I am leaning towards the Coach one.

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As for her Bridal Shower, where it’s also common to give the bride items from her registry, I’ll most likely give her a KSNY purse to match the passport case, lingerie, or a set of personalized wedding hangers (which I always think is a great idea).

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KSNY Wedding Belles Passport Holder -//- Neiman Marcus Italian Leather Passport Case -//- Coach Bleecker Passport Case -//- KSNY East/West Wristlet -//- Bride Wedding Hanger -//- Groom Wedding Hanger

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