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A Trip to the Post Office

April 18, 2015
Wedding Present without Card

Good afternoon! I know I mention the weather a lot, but when winter drags on for almost six months the advent of spring is worth remarking on. Today, for the first time, New England has hit the 70 degree mark!! I wish I could be enjoying it, but I’m stuck here at my lab bench getting ready to start a five-day protocol (#gradstudentlife). UConn grad students have actually been in the news quite a lot lately, first about our union, and then about the grad student who threatened his advisor.  My advisor joked that something must be pumped through the air system in the chemistry department, as this is the second indiscretion by someone in that department.

Grad school definitely has its ups and downs, and I could be dwelling on the fact that I’m at lab right now instead of outside, but I did have a brief outing to the post office this morning. Exciting, right? Never have I once had a thrilling experience when mailing a package, but I do always like looking at the stamps. Remember when they carried Harry Potter stamps? I bought three packages, one of which I eventually plan on framing and using as a decoration. This morning I mailed A her wedding present, beautifully wrapped in her wedding colors. Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve become quite a pro at wrapping over the past 15 years. Practice really does make perfect. I even untied the Aspinal of London ribbon from the gift box it came packaged with and then re-tied it around the re-wrapped box – I had major doubts that I’d be able to tie it as neatly.

Wedding Present without Card Wedding Present with Card Aspinal of London Passport Holder

Don’t forget to set your alarms for midnight tonight! Lilly Pulitzer for Target is being released and I have my sights set on the two shift dresses in Nosie Posey & My Fans and the woven basket. My full wish list can be seen here.

FYI, with the semester ending soon I do plan on picking up my Barbie Bachelorette posts again. I promise more details/ideas will be coming soon!

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds

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