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Bold Moves, Breakup “Blues”

August 25, 2015
Pink Lipstick

After breaking up with my college boyfriend of 2 and a half years, I chopped nearly a foot of hair off, and then had the chin-length amount that remained, dramatically highlighted so that I looked as if I dropped 50 IQ points. My brother would say that this change of hair color actually did drop my IQ, but I think the timing of me moving home a few months later just brought to light the amount of ridiculously stupid things I say.

Why is it that after going through a breakup, people tend to do something drastic? I originally believe that people craved something different after a break-up, but really, losing your best friend and significant other is a pretty dramatic change in and of itself. Maybe instead, people do dramatic things after a breakup in an effort to re-discover themselves and what they really like, without having to worry about the opinions or preference of somebody else.

I’ve kept my hair the same length since JA moved away, but I was craving a change a few days before A’s wedding. Stopping by my local-ish mall on National Lipstick Day, I decided to try a hot pink lip, after being inspired by Britt Nilsson’s persistent pink lip that was immune to kissing, drinking, & drama. At the time, the boldest lip color I owned was Clinique’s ‘A Different Grape’; typically I’ll wear a bland Bobbi Brown lipstick aptly named ‘Nude’ or a shimmery-pink shade from Lancôme. To me, the act of putting on lipstick is a very conscious one, so when wearing a bold shade I’m  very aware of it and fear that everyone is focusing on my lips and not on me. I did make it a point to warn the salespeople at MAC that it was a very real possibility that I’d be too scared to actually buy a bright pink lipstick, and all of their efforts to find a shade that worked for me might be in vain. Nonetheless, the very kind MAC makeup artist tested out three different shades on me – one was obnoxiously neon pink, another was the color of a strawberry milkshake, and one, once combined with lip liner, blended well with my skin tone and would match our bridesmaid heels perfectly. Sold!

Having never used lip liner before, I had the makeup artist A hired apply both the liner and the lipstick on the day of the wedding. I think she also secretly used some sort of glue because the lipstick never came off through many champagne toasts and dinner! After seeing some of the pictures from the wedding, I’m so happy I committed to such a bold choice, and I’ve even received a few compliments while wearing the lipstick since.

What bold move did you do after a breakup? 

pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together

Clinique (A Different Grape) || Bobbi Brown Lip Color (Nude) || Lancôme Rouge in Love (Rose en Deshabillé) || MAC Cremesheen Lipstick (Pickled Plum) || MAC Longwear Lip Liner (More to Love)

Cover Photo: ‘Maybelline Pink Pop Fuchsia Flash 1‘ by Maria Morri via Flickr

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