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August 24, 2015

It’s been a little over three weeks since A’s wedding, but after my return from DC I quite literally unpacked to re-pack, before heading home for a much needed week with family and friends in NJ (#JerseyGirl). A and her new husband jetted off to the Mediterranean, and while it was my goal to have this post up by the time they returned from their honeymoon, life and catching up on lab work got in the way. So backtracking to a day long, long, ago…


You would have thought that being in the wedding would have made it easier for me to pack – I at least knew exactly what I’d be wearing the day of. Even still, I stressed out for weeks about what I’d wear to the rehearsal dinner, worried that this dress would be a bit too formal compared to the elephant-printed Lilly Pulitzer dress that A planned on wearing. After a lot of online browsing I found the perfect alternative dress on Nordstrom Rack, but as I knew it’d never ship to me in time, I took a risk and bought it on Ebay NWOT (more to come about this in a later blog post). Throw in some pajama’s, work-out clothes, and an outfit for the day after, and my Vera Bradley duffel was filled with three dresses and five different pairs of shoes. A girl can never be too prepared.

I was also really nervous about going to A’s wedding single. Although I had met all of the bridesmaids two months before for A’s bachelorette, and knew that not all of them had dates, I was just scared to be single at a wedding. Some people say that being single at a wedding is the greatest thing, but I just had a feeling that real life isn’t like Wedding Crashers and there wouldn’t be people desperately willing to distract me all night.

Friday & Saturday


I definitely think I had packed as many outfits as I did shoes


Animal crackers with my coffee? Yes please! #OpenCityDC


Rehearsal Dinner


How many advanced degrees does it take to cinch and bustle a dress?


The Bride and I

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 10.53.04 PM


Duckface! My favorite Groomsman, and I honestly swear I am not biased by the fact that we walked down the aisle together


Just a couple of Bridesmaids

Ceremony: 5 pm @ the Omni Shoreham Garden

Reception: Omni Shoreham

The day started out fantastically with A gifting us monogrammed hot-pink robes and personalized wine glasses, which were promptly filled to the brim with mimosa’s while we got our hair and make-up done. A few toasts and a couple of quick pictures before I walked down the aisle successfully without getting my stilettos caught in the grass. A & her husband’s first dance was to Skyfall by Adele, but the tears really started to flow when I watched her dance with her Dad. His toast was as touching as the Maid of Honor’s & Best Man’s, who both brought up examples of how A and her husband have been great friends over the years (#igloo) and how lucky they are to have found each other. sniffle, sniffle. Things picked up when we danced the night away to a specially curated 90’s playlist, only taking a break to pin-the-tail on the Democratic Donkey.


After a lazy morning in, and a day spent at the Smithsonian Zoo, it was back to CT with my bridesmaid bouquet of Gerber daisies in hand. It was sad to think that one year of planning was over in a day, but I know that A and her husband will have many happy years in front of them.


smiles are universal. happiness knows no culture or geography. joy is bipartisan.

Eliza J Illusion Dress || Joie Isere Dress || Open City DC || Omni Shoreham

Images: Omni Shoreham Garden

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