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First Christmas

December 12, 2014
Uncommon Goods Holiday Tree

With Christmas only a half a month away, if you haven’t already started, now’s the time to start shopping for any last minute gifts or stocking stuffers you might need. I myself can be caught shopping a few days before Christmas, but my brother is notorious for going shopping Christmas Eve night.












As you know, my old college room mate became a Mrs. this past October. To celebrate her and her husband’s first Christmas together, I gifted them a personalized Lenox ornament. Lenox has a sizable collection of wedding-themed ornaments; one of my favorites is a bride and groom dancing together. I bought C’s ornament in November, when almost all of them were on a 50% off sale. You may even be lucky enough to find ornaments at HomeGoods, where I snagged a few at 75% off full retail!!!

Display the ornament on this Tannenbaum Christmas Tree, which saves you from the hassle of vacuuming up pine needles, dragging the tree out of the basement, and having your most precious ornaments fall to the ground when the cat tries to climb the tree. If like my parents, you now have more ornaments than you ever do tree, it’s also a great way for you to display a few more of your favorites. Best part, right now it’s 50% off!!


Once all of your friends are married, and celebrating their fourth and fifth Christmas together, this gift can also be translated to their children. My favorite Brit just became an Aunt this year, and for her niece’s first Christmas, HomeGoods had an adorable Lenox pink-spotted giraffe. As each year passes, give them a new ornament to hang on their Tannenbaum Christmas tree. Once they reach the age of 10, it’ll be covered with little porcelain trains, animals, and famous cartoon characters.













To all those with a new spouse or a new baby, enjoy your First Christmas!

Lenox Christmas Wreath -//- Lenox Just Married Ornament -//- Tannenbaum Christmas Tree -//- Lenox Baby Giraffe -//- Lenox Snoopy Ornament

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