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Husky Love

March 7, 2015

There’s all types of love in the world but there’s nothing better than puppy love. Especially when you’re kissed by the University of Connecticut’s mascot Jonathan the Husky. Only a little over a year old, the adorable black and white pup has captured our hearts while instilling fear in both snowmen and our enemies.


As Jonathan the Husky is still fairly young, he’s slowly being acclimated to large crowds and can’t always be found at every sports event. It was almost a blessing to be chased out of our seats by the obnoxious shouting from Memphis Tiger fans, because while on the hunt for new ones, we ran into Jonathan Husky!! 🙂 His handlers said he was too overstimulated to allow for pictures, but while I got low to pet him he covered my face in kisses. Major endorphin rush and goofy smile ensued. And in spite of his handlers wishes, I snagged one of my favorite selfies of all time.

Kisses from Jonathan

Kisses from Jonathan



You can follow Jonathan on Facebook, where you can find lots of cute shots of him playing with his predecessor or updates of his daily activities, like attending an obedience class. Although I’m sure Jonathan has passed with flying colors, for those dogs that haven’t, these mugs and tumblers are perfect for the owners that have to deal with them:

BadDogMugs BadDogTumblers

I’m a huge fan of the misbehaving dog on the bottom, just for his sheer adorable-ness and because he’s so stubborn. I bet you even a treat couldn’t convince him to obey.

Who’s your favorite college mascot? 

Life is better with a dog

Bad Dog Wisdom Coffee Mugs -//- Bad Dog Tumblers

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    […] it was unforgettable; it was wonderful; it was the moment that I not only met, but was licked by Jonathan the Husky. I should be more distraught that we lost the game in the last few seconds, but honestly, meeting […]

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