Weekend Wrap Up: Saying Goodbye in Old Saybrook

June 11, 2015
Lighthouse Path

After two jam-packed (& expensive weekends) it was nice to spend this past Saturday & Sunday simply sitting on my porch – minus the brief break for mojito’s and Mr. Christian Grey with SG.

Prior to J getting ready to move to Texas, we spent Memorial Day weekend at his family’s cottage in Old Saybrook, CT. When you think of summer, you should think of Old Saybrook – quaint cottages with grassy lawns, kids biking around the neighborhood, and sandy beaches up against the Long Island sound. We began our trip to Old Saybrook Saturday morning, where we quickly dropped off our stuff before heading to Downtown Mystic for a bit of exploring and lunch. S&P Oyster Company is one of my favorite restaurants in Mystic, for it’s great view of the Mystic River and an absolutely amazing lobster bisque. If you choose to sit indoors, you’re provided with a paper tablecloth and a cup of crayons, because really, who says coloring is just for kids? J and I had so much fun doodling silly things all over our tablecloth two years ago, which is when we first went to S&P for my birthday. This time around, we dined upon two bowls of lobster bisque, one dozen Duxbury oysters (our fave!), and a bowl of PEI mussels cooked in coconut milk and green curry, served with a side of plantain chips. We were too full to order dessert, but the amazing French Grapefruit martini that I had was sweet enough for me.

Following lunch, we had had tickets for a sunset cruise aboard the 81 ft. schooner Argia. The tour only lasted for two hours, but it was one of the most beautiful and finger-numbing experiences of my life. I had planned an adorable outfit, involving my darkest Madewell jeans, a sea glass colored tee, and my Burberry trench, but the winds forced me to cover it all up with J’s overly sized hoodie. I looked quite goofy raising the sail with my trench coat sticking out from under the sweatshirt – a silly sight J most certainly laughed at.


Even with the most amicable of break-ups, you still can’t help but feel sad to lose someone from your life. Since starting at UConn in August 2012, and meeting J only two months after that, it will certainly be an adjustment knowing that he’s no longer a short drive down Hanks Hill Rd anymore. Since saying goodbye, it’s amazing the number of little things and memories that have suddenly overwhelmed my mind. First and foremost, there’s all the things I wish I didn’t do that make me feel selfish as I think about them. Then comes the sweet happy memories of how he used to sweep the hair out of my eyes and how he eventually learned to always keep food around for breakfast, unless he wanted to deal with an irritable me. Nonetheless, with every break-up comes a future chance for happiness with the one we’re meant to be with, something I know we will both find one day (even if I can’t imagine it now). In the meantime, I can only cherish the past two and a half years and be thankful knowing that a great friendship awaits us in the future.

“You can’t blame gravity for falling in love”

S&P Oyster Company | Argia Mystic Cruises 

(Featured Image Lighthouse Path – Wilson Bilkovich via Flickr)

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    What a very nice recap of your final weekend with JAA. And you are correct; your future holds boundless opportunity for happiness, love, and unbridled success !

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