Fashion Saturday Somethings

Saturday Somethings

August 22, 2015
Empire Sunset

Never get lost in NYC again, thanks to this fantastic accessory

I am guilty of almost all of these things. I’m further motivated to start thinking before I speak.

My Mom’s visiting this weekend! It’s her last chance to visit before the school year starts and she’ll have to start doing grading & lesson plan’s again. You can bet we’re going to do our best to accomplish everything on this list.

When I was little I loved saying the word absolutely. Now that I’ve grown up, my go-to impressive word is anything scientific.

Mom Daughter Macchiato's

Mother-Daughter Macchiato’s

I don’t think I’d mind doing this with one or two of my exes, but I would definitely want veto power over who it would be.

Let’s getaway.

In case you missed it, here’s my review of the Lilly Pulitzer After-Party Sale. I’m only able to afford one of the two Lilly dresses I ordered, so I’m re-selling the Gabby shift in Shell Me About It here.

Cover Photo: ‘Empire Sunset’ by Damianos Chronakis via Flickr

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