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July 27, 2016

Twelve weeks ago I was madly searching for the perfect pair of espadrilles to celebrate the start of summer, and now it seems absurd that in four and a half more weeks school will be back in session. Where has the time gone? My plan was to have my research proposal finished, all of MFB’s* bachelorette supplies ordered, and have lost 5 lbs to more comfortably fit into my bridesmaid dress. But I guess sometimes the best laid plans go awry, as evident by my half-written proposal and piles of data that I need to analyze, a fridge full of my favorite beer instead of a basket of bachelorette sashes, and a tan from frequent walks to catch Pokemon (which is exercise, so maybe I have lost those 5 lbs). Maybe it just hasn’t felt like a proper summer because I haven’t traveled anywhere, whereas by this point last year I had already been to Puerto Rico, South Carolina and would be leaving for DC in only a few days. Thank goodness I still have four weeks to change that!

Aerin Espadrille


Even though my summer hasn’t gone exactly as planned, if I could re-do it (and if I could’ve afforded them), I would rather have bought a pair of Aerin suede espadrilles instead of the Lilly Pulitzer Kate wedges. With Fall somewhat around the corner, I’m tempted to invest in the simpler ballet flat and I highly recommended the embroidered flat for any bride-to-be! Why must I always have such expensive taste?!

Aerin Suede Ballet Flat Aerin Embroidered Ballet Flat

“Life is the dancer, and you are the dance.”

Soludos Lace-Up Espadrille Sandal || Aerin Suede Espadrilles || Lilly Pulitzer Kate Espadrille Wedge || Aerin Suede Ballet Flat || Aerin Embroidered Suede Ballet Flat

Cover Photo: Espadrilles by Ben Deck via Flickr

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