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Saturday Somethings

August 29, 2015
Starbucks Doodle Dog Tumbler

Do you use natural deodorant? I’ve been using Tom’s of Maine for the past few years, but after reading this, I was eager to try this deodorant from Sephora. After a day spent in lab and a brief trip to the gym, I smelled as fresh as I did that morning.

With PSL season fast approaching, I plan on enjoying mine out of this doodle-dog tumbler. Prepare yourself for the best #basic Instagram photos.

Since buying another lipstick, I’m in need of a new make-up bag to hold them all. If it weren’t for the $24 price tag, I’d already have this one tucked away in my dresser. 

Can every day be #NationalDogDay?

It’s nice to know that I already have almost all of these items in my closet. Now I just have to decide on someplace to go!

What’s your opinion on Target advertising in VOGUE? I personally think it’s awesome how they’re paying homage to some of VOGUE’s most iconic covers.

In case you missed it, I finally got around to posting about my amazing time at A’s #bipartisan wedding, including what I wore on my lips & my hips!

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